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August 1st, 2012 | Posted by Randi

A Joint Lights! Camera! MURDER! Birthday

Every month, we highlight one mystery on our Party of the Month link on our murder mystery message board. This is July's winner!

My SIL and I recently threw ourselves a joint birthday party (our birthdays are 10 days apart) by hosting the Lights! Camera! Murder! party.
We really enjoyed planning everything out, purchasing countless decorations, organizing, shopping for our costumes, sending out the invitations to our close friends, etc. We greatly anticipated the evening for months and come the night of the big party, we had everything ready just in time!

Guests arrived to a "Celebrity Parking Only" sign, as well as a faux usher welcoming them inside and a metallic sign that read "Awards Night" on the front door. My teenage niece and her friend served as paparazzi and not only took photos of everyone on the red carpet near the entrance, but they also walked around all night with cameras taking lots of candid shots, as well as plenty of amusing posed ones.
We'd asked everyone to bring one appetizer each and so there was more than enough food, as well as beverages. On a small table in the foyer were everyone's envelopes, which they were handed upon arrival. Name tags were adorned, people began sipping their drinks, and everyone found their way around to fellow guests and chatted them up. I was thrilled with the obvious effort everyone made to dress and play their roles quite lively.
Thanks to the detailed character descriptions provided in the package, it was easy to do! There were so many hilarious moments with dramatic outbursts, accusations, and random things like dance moves, flirty come-ons (in character, of course), and name-calling. :lol: The laughs and smiles were countless all night long!
I must say that every single person who attended had a blast! This murder mystery package was incredibly well planned out and organized. A party such as this is the perfect excuse for grown adults to dress up and pretend to be someone other than themselves for a whole night surrounded by friends. My SIL and I began planning another Night of Mystery party before our first one was even over! :D I cannot recommend this website enough. I have zero complaints and am, in fact, ready to buy party package #2!

To see more pictures from this party, click here!!!

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