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Parties to Die For

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May 16th, 2012 | Posted by Randi

Costume Contest Winners!

Fist of all,  a huge THANK YOU for everyone who took the time to enter into our costume contest! We really enjoyed seeing all the pictures you guys had to offer!

Being that we couldn't pick just ONE, we ended up with 4 winners.... and here's WHY!

Since sometimes it is the "accessory" that completes the costume, so for our third place slot (s) we couldn't help but pick these two:
The red beard and hair did it for us!
It was the fried peanut butter and banana sandwich that completed
the look and made THIS Elvis stand out.

Next up: Second Place!

Big fans of homemade concoctions, we loved this costume sent to us by Andrea. It is amazing what a little hot glue and imagination can do!
This costume started off as a suit jacket and a pair of pants purchased from the local thrift store. The Gold buttons, ribbing,trim and tassles were glued on with a hot glue gun. The jacket was tailored into a shorter front and tail type back by using the iron on tape. The gold cuffs and vest were also either glued or ironed on. The pants and hat were also given similar gold trim and the hair was made out of yarn. It shows u what a hot glue gun, iron on tape adhesive, scrap material, some dollar store ribbon/tassles and some creativity can do!

Finally, we have our grand prize winner!!!
We thought this one went over the top with creativity and originality, while at the same time serving a dual purpose. We were mighty impressed!!!
Hobart Hughes, Mario Talent/Natasha Gibson, and T. Redd in Lights! Camera! Murder!
We didn't have enough people so I doubled as two characters, split exactly down the middle.

The prizes? you say...
3rd place = $25 towards your next Night of Mystery Party
2nd place = $40 towards your next Night of Mystery Party
1st place = $50 towards your next Night of Mystery Party
(we will be emailing you your codes shortly!)

Thanks to all that entered and we hope it was as
much fun for you as it was for us!