Trailer Park Tragedy

A night of ill-mannered, irresponsible and intoxicated trailer park patrons!


It’s the annual W.T. Trailer Park BBQ and this year’s blast
is going to be one to remember!

Well known in the community and by the law enforcement agencies for its
after-hours fights, double-crossings, and illegal happenings, this trailer park’s
BBQ is a recipe for disaster. However, with free food and booze on the menu,
all of the ill-mannered, illiterate, and intoxicated residents
are certain to be there – hair curlers and all!

With too much history and not enough space, something is bound to happen
to send one of the guests over the edge . . . and another one to their death.

Will it be the avid outdoorsman who is known for accidentally shooting people,
as well as game? The crazy cat lover who will defend their felines at all costs?
The high school dropout with a bullet proof plan for their future?
The maintenance man who can handle any problems, but his own.
Or, possibly the parolee who will do anything to avoid going back to jail.

As the night unfolds, you will have to defend your innocence
while figuring out which one of your rotten, no-good neighbors
is to blame for this murderous misadventure!



Available in 6-8 guest, 8-12 guest, 10-15 guest, 15-20 guest and 20+ guest versions!

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6-8 Guests: 2-3 Male, 3-4 Female, 1 Gender-neutral.
8-12 Guests: 3-4 Male, 4-5 Female, 1-3 Gender-neutral.
10-15 Guests: 4-5 Male, 6-8 Female, 0-2 Gender-neutral.
15-20 Guests: 5 Male, 7-9 Female, 3-6 Gender-neutral.
** Not all characters listed below are included with all of the mysteries.

LOUELLA DEVILLE – Trailer Park Owner. Since her husband’s mysterious disappearance Louella has controlled the park and everything that goes on in it. The last thing Louella needs is people doing things that draw the attention of the cops to the park...

DIRK DRAGSTER – Motorcyclist. From bikes to women and everything in between, this trailer park resident knows how to use their goods to get the best benefits!  

HARLEY ARMSTRONG – Security Guard. A rent-a-cop by day and beer drinker by night, this police academy dropout always wants to show others their limited skills and knowledge.  

SUGAR PLUM – Resident. The daughter of a convict, Sugar Plum inherited her father’s trailer while he serves a life sentence. It is no secret Sugar Plum is drawn to illegal behavior, both in her lovers and in her lifestyle.

WYATT BARLEY – Parolee. This recently released jailbird is living with his momma while he gets back on his feet, which is turning out to be harder than Wyatt planned.  

GINNY BARLEY – Hairstylist. Mother to Wyatt. Ginny has given Wyatt a place to live, but her patience is running thin with all of Wyatt’s other shenanigans.  

TERRY RHODES – Trucker. This seasoned long-haul trucker has seen it all, until they return home to the trailer park to find their past may have caught up with them.  

CINDY LOU – Divorcé. Since alimony pays the bills, Cindy has little ambition to earn an income or do anything else. This decision which may cost Cindy her true love and possibly her life!

SALLY ANNE – Bargain Mart Employee. Although Sally Anne is a hard-worker, she can’t keep her knack for blackmail at bay. This serial girlfriend may be manipulating more than her paycheck.

MISSY ANNE – Waitress. Pulling double-shifts at the truck stop diner might not be ALL that Missy Anne does to separate herself from her family… and the trailer park.

SUSIE ANNE – Professional Mother. With all of Susie Anne’s children grown, the welfare checks have stopped coming in. This leads you and others to wonder if Susie’s only form of income is her daughter’s generosity, and how long will that last?

HUNTER STRING – Gun Enthusiast. Responsible for accidentally shooting Bobby Rae, Hunter has plans to live off the land and Sally Anne, his new girl – who he recently stole from Bobby Rae recently.  

LOUISE DELLAROPE – Cocktail Waitress. Louise has worked hard her whole life to provide a way for Danny (her child) to move out of the trailer park. She is deeply disappointed to find that Danny has sought permanent residence within the park, and without Louise’s permission.

DANNY DELLAROPE – High school drop out. Despite their mother’s best intentions, Danny has recently moved out and used their college fund to buy a trailer. Danny’s mother (Louise) is only thing blocking their big plans for the future.  

CHARLIE LUGNUT – Mechanic. The most knowledgeable tradesperson in the park, Charlie can fix anything, except their own bad habits.  

MEL HARINGER – Resident. An avid dog lover, Mel is established in the community and will do anything to keep themselves, and their canine companions, on everyone’s good side and safe from eviction.  

BOBBY RAE – Resident. Shot in the leg recently by Hunter, Bobby has bigger plans for life, which do not include his ex-girlfriend, Sally Anne. Or so he says.  

ELVIRA – Housewife. Fresh in from the Louisiana bayou, Elvira is looking to make the perfect home for her unborn child with Vernon, her husband. Some find it odd that Elvira has moved so far away from family in order to create her own.

VERNON – Maintenance Man. Hired to take on the trailer park maintenance responsibilities of Lou (Louella’s missing husband), some are wondering if Vernon’s hiring means Lou’s disappearance is permanent.  

KAT STEVENS – Resident. As the token cat lover, it may come as no surprise that Kat’s only friends may be of the feline variety. A fact that Kat plans to use to her advantage.

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Choosing the right Party
Guests Gender Roles Price
6-8 2-3 Male, 3-4 Female, 1 Gender-neutral $40
8-12 3-4 Male, 4-5 Female, 1-3 Gender-neutral $45
10-15 4-5 Male, 6-8 Female, 0-2 Gender-neutral $50
15-20 5 Male, 7-9 Female, 3-6 Gender-neutral $60
20+ 5+ Male, 9+ Female, 6+ Gender-neutral $85
Upgrade Add-on for 15-20 guest version $25
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