Till Death Do Us Part

A Night of Love, Marriage and MURDER!


Your presence is requested to celebrate the union of
Becky Giovanni to Stanley Simpson

with a wedding reception you won’t soon forget.


As friends and family come together for a night of food and fun, it will quickly
turn into a night of mystery and mayhem– leaving one of the guests murdered!
And you and your guests are left to solve the crime...


Will it be the jealous ex-boyfriend who is to blame?
The father of the bride who opposed the marriage from the start?
Could it be the bridesmaid who longs
to be a bride?
Or possibly the estranged uncle that has wasted away his family fortune?

As the night progresses, secrets will be revealed,
motives exposed and your
sleuthing skills will be put to the test.
What will you say when it is your turn to finger the culprit?

Speak now or forever a killer goes free.

Guest Totals:
With 20+ guests:
At least 8 male and at least 7 female guests.
With 15-20 guests: 8-9 male, 7-9 female, 0-2 gender neutral.
With 10-15 guests: 5-7 male, 5-7 female, 0-1 gender neutral.
With 8-11 guests: 4-5 male, 4-5 female, 0-1 gender neutral.

Stanley Simpson—The Groom. The lucky man will not only be gaining a wife, but a family with wealth, something he has never had before.

Becky Giovanni-Simpson—The Bride. The blushing bride has never been so happy. Becky is determined to make sure NO ONE ruins her wedding day!

Wade Wilmington— The Best Man. Wade has also been dating Trisha Trinket, the maid of honor. Their relationship started as an affair but has it grown to true love?

Brutus Simpson— Groomsman and Brother to the Groom. Brutus is an over-protective brother and business partner to the groom. Although Brutus has never gotten along with Becky, he seems to be extremely tolerable of his sister-to-be lately. What could be behind Brutus’ new-found affection?

Ken Kruger—Groomsman. He is a friend of the groom, the ex-boyfriend of the bride and was the reason the happy couple met. Will his broken heart come in the way of the happy union?

Trish Trinket—The Maid of Honor. As the best friend of the bride, Trisha will do anything to insure Becky’s happiness on her wedding day. Trisha knows Becky would do anything for Trisha in return (and possibly already has).

Gina Giovanni— Bridesmaid and Sister to the Bride. Gina has always been the overlooked, little sister—why should this day be any different?

Darlene Simpson—Bridesmaid and Sister to the Groom. Darlene always longed for a sister…but not this one. How far will Darlene go to keep Becky from becoming family?

Marianna Giovanni—Mother of the Bride. She married for money and would do nothing to part from it.

Tony Giovanni—Father of the Bride. A man who has it all—wealth & power (and rumored ties to the mob). It is no secret that he does not like his new son-in-law. Tony may be looking for someone else to pass along the family business to.

Brittany Simpson— Mother of the Groom. Brittany has never worked a day in her life and doesn’t plan to start now. Brittany is much happier relying on the men in her life to support her.

Hugh Simpson— Father of the Groom. Hugh has spent his life trying to get rich. Hugh’s newly founded insurance business does not seem to be the answer to his money problems.

Stacey Sultry—Cousin to the bride. Still heart-broken over her ex-boyfriend, Wade Wilmington (and best man), Stacey is coming to the wedding purely as a family obligation…or does she have another agenda?

George Giovanni—Estranged Uncle to the Bride. George sucked up his family fortune about as fast as he can suck down a bottle of tequila. Becky may be the only real tie he has left to a family fortune.

Grandma Selma—Grandmother of the Bride. As the matriarch of the Giovanni family, there is nothing she doesn’t know about her family and nothing she wouldn’t do to protect it.

Harry Hitt—Wedding Guest. Harry is an innocent bystander looking for some fun… question is, does he know the bride or the groom?

Biff Buffolini—Wedding Guest. Tony invited Biff to the wedding to start courting his daughter. Word is Tony is looking for a REAL man to take over the family business since he does not trust his new

Karen Cake—The Hotel Wedding Coordinator. She has done her best to please the bride and her family. Is her best good enough?

Chris Constable— Hotel Security. The hotel doesn’t usually require security for most weddings. The rules are a little different, however, when the bride is the daughter of a rumored mob boss.

Ronnie Rhymer – Photographer. As the photographer for the wedding, they witness everything through the eyes of a camera. The evidence they capture may be more than incriminating.




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Till Death Do Us Part--rookie success!We recently hosted the Till Death Do Us Part murder mystery and had a GREAT TIME! We had twenty eight guests and every single one was raving about how fun the party was! For half of us, this was our 4th Night of Mystery gathering. The other half…

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8-11 4-5 male, 4-5 female, 0-1 neutral $45
10-15 5-7 male, 5-7 female, 0-1 neutral $50
15-20 8-9 male, 7-9 female, 0-2 neutral $60
20+ 8+ male, 7+ female $80
Upgrade Add-on for 15-20 guest version $25

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