The Million Dollar Mystery (clean, kids)

A Night of Mystery and Mayhem Worth Millions!


The millionaire, Robert/Rita Red, was
mysteriously murdered in their mansion!!!

All of Robert/Rita’s friends, relatives, and workers
(who have all been promised a healthy inheritance)
are surprised and saddened to learn about the
millionaire's death.The police remain puzzled as to
who could have taken the millionaire’s life.

As one of Robert/Rita’s close friends, you are invited to the
will reading party where you will receive your share of the
inheritance money. HOWEVER, during the party,
you and everyone else will be working to figure out
who is responsible for Robert/Rita’s death. Once you solve
the puzzle, you will receive the money Robert/Rita promised
to each of their friends in the will.

Who will be to blame?
Was it Doctor Turquoise in the family room with the stethescope?
Chef Mustard in the kitchen with the candlestick?
Or possibly Professor Purple in the park with the poison?

Before you can receive your share of the Robert/Rita’s wealth,
a culprit must be found!!!

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This is a KID MYSTERY - Intended for ages 8 - 12.


For the mixed version: 2 girls, 2 boys, the rest are gender-neutral characters.
For the all-girl version: 8-12 girls.
For the all-boy version: 8-12 boys.
This is a KID MYSTERY - intended for kids ages 8-12.

Mr. Black – Butler. A faithful servant and true friend Mr. Black was very good at his job—keeping the millionaire happy.

Madame White – Maid. As Robert’s maid and friend, Madame White kept the mansion clean and tidy. Now she wants what she was promised – her share of the inheritance.

Sam Silver– Footman. Tricked by the job title, this servant got more than they bargained for.

Chef Mustard – Cook. A best-selling writer of cooking books, the Chef always followed Robert’s orders when planning meals.

Agent Mango – Agent. No super-star can achieve stardom without the support of an agent extrodinaire. It is hard to say if Mango will collect more money with the billionaire alive or dead.

Cocoa Brown – Co-Star.  Acting alongside Robert was never an easy job…and now the limelight may be left solely to Cocoa to take care of. 

Kelly Green – Accountant. As Robert’s financial manager, Kelly’s money managing skills helped Robert be successful. But if “money” is the reason behind the murder, Kelly may have some explaining to do.

Doctor Turquoise M.D. – Doctor.  As Robert’s personal doctor, Dr. Turquise made sure Robert was in excellent health…until the day he died.  

Scarlet Red – Robert’s Sister. A little drama star herself, this diva has been kept out of the limelight by her big brother. Now Scarlet’s first appearance may never happen due to the millionaire’s untimely death.

Crimson Red – Robert’s Brother. Living a life in the star’s shadows can be over-bearing or liberating. It is hard to tell if Crimson is resentful or thankful that he is not in the spotlight.

Professor Periwinkle – Lawyer. Above their position, this poignant propagander purposefully peddles “p” words for a profession.  

Admiral Indigo – Chauffeur. Commanding Robert’s fleet of limos, Admiral Indigo was willing to drive Robert anywhere, at any time, or for anything he needed.

Captain Carrot – Dog Walker. Captain was responsible for Robert’s many, many dogs. Possibly more dogs than the Captain could handle?

Mickey Mint – Gardner.  This gardener spends more time picking up fertilizer than using it. With Robert’s death, Mickey may no longer have a job at Mystery Manor.

Peyton Purple – Best Friend. Saddened by the loss of their friend, Peyton realizes that Robert may have been hiding more from them than Peyton chooses to show.

Reese Rainbow – #1 Fan. As the head of Robert’s fan club, this groupie is devastated at the loss and determined to turn it into a win for themselves.

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Check out some GREAT Decoration ideas at by clicking below


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Mystery at a glance
Gender RolesMale & Female
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Choosing the right Party
Guests Gender Roles Price
8-12 Both 2 boys, 2 girls, 4-8 either $45
8-12 Boys 8-12 boys $45
8-12 Girls 8-12 girls $45
12-16 Both 2 boys, 2 girls, 8-12 either $52
12-16 Boys 12-16 boys $52
12-16 Girls 12-16 girls $52