The Kappa Kappa Killer (female)

A social filled with sisterhood, scandal and sinister behavior!


As the semester draws to an end, and the pledges get ready to activate,
the University’s Panhellenic Board cites the Kappa Kappa chapter for
instances of "conduct unbecoming a Greek." With the sorority house being
seriously considered for disbandment, the sisters of Kappa Kappa
have to consider deactivating a member in an effort to save their chapter.

Will it be the Recruitment Chair who is accused of pushing her pledges
too far be expelled? Perhaps it will be the Social Chair who has been in charge
of policing partying (or lack thereof)? Or possibly the pledge president
whose plans for the future may be jeopardized by her actions of today?


As the evening proceeds, and the secrets of the Kappa Kappa
sisters come out, an even bigger scandal is created when one
Sister drops dead. In a race to find the murderer, no one knows
who to trust, who to blame and who may be the next victim.

Time is essential for the survival of the Kappas…
as a house, as well as individuals.


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Hillary Hargrove – President. In charge of keeping the girls in order, Hillary will have some serious sleuthing to do if she is going to find a way to keep the Kappa Kappa house from being disbanded.

Sarah Details – Secretary. While the duties of her office weigh heavily on Sarah, so does the future with her boyfriend. Can Sarah succeed in keeping her boyfriend and Kappa Kappa office?

Amanda Dollar – Treasurer. Responsible for the Kappa Kappa budget and payment of expenses, things haven’t been adding up recently, and Amanda needs to find out who is to blame.

Patty Party – Social Chair. Known to throw wildly successful and entertaining parties, Patty takes responsibility for the sorority’s popular reputation on campus. While this reputation attracts fun members, it also puts a target on Patty’s back!

Chastity Turner – Philanthropy Chair. With more service hours and donations than any past Philanthropy Chair, Chastity is a legend in her own mind. But when the numbers stop adding up, she will have some explaining to do.

Rita Clinton – Recruitment Chair. Pinned by her beau earlier this week, Rita’s future looks bright… if she can survive the allegations of hazing brought by her pledges.  

Perfect Pam – Panhellenic Representative. With many allegations of bad social behavior pending against the house, Pam is the one who will have to convince the Panhellenic Board that the Kappas should NOT be placed on probation or suspended or – worst of all -- disbanded!

Heather Hancock – Active Legacy. Living in the shadow of her mother, Heather has a lot to live up to if she plans to make her family proud.

Prudence Smith – Active. Skeptical of her fellow sisters, Prudence will fight to make sure that the Kappa Kappa name is not tarnished by scandal.

Betsy Grades – Active. Recipient of the prestigious Kappa Kappa scholarship, Betsy needs the sorority to stay active – her education (and her future) depends on it!

Elizabeth Money – Active. Coming from a wealthy family, Elizabeth wants to leave more to the sorority than her service hours.

Dakota Pita – Active. With Dakota’s brother dating a Kappa, she is torn between her sorority sisters. Will Dakota have to choose between siding with her brother’s current girlfriend or his ex?

Penny Pledger – Pledge President. While dissension among the ranks is brewing, Penny is certain she can pull the new members together to have the strongest pledge class in Kappa Kappa history.

Connie Cartwright – Legacy pledge. Connie’s family connections gave her an unfair advantage in rush… one Connie will have to overcome if she plans to be part of a very coheisive pledge class.  
Samantha Johnson – Pledge. Although Kappa Kappa wasn’t her first choice in rush, there is no place Samantha would rather be – now she just needs to prove it.

Darla Darling – Pledge. Positive, enthusiastic and in love with everything Kappa, Darla is any sorority’s dream pledge… as long as her twin sister doesn’t ruin it for her!  

Carla Darling – Pledge. Distraught over the treatment that the pledges have received in rush, Carla can’t keep quiet for much longer. The question is, who will Carla take down in her protest and fight?

Hazel Green – Pledge. Rushed for her grades alone, Hazel has some roadblocks to remove before the girls will see her as the party rockstar she desires to be!

Allison Almighty – Advisor. As an alumnae, Allison is here to offer her advice and guidance to keep the girls on the straight and narrow. There is no way Allison will let any Kappas destroy what she helped to build.

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For More Party Planning Ideas, Be Sure To Check Out:


For More Party Planning Ideas, Be Sure To Check Out:


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