Once Upon a Murder

A Timeless Tale of Treachery and Treason in a Kingdom Far, Far Away

A Timeless Tale of Treachery and Treason
in a Kingdom Far, Far Away

After the mysterious disappearance of Cinderella, Prince Charming is
throwing a ball to find a new bride. Some of the Kingdom residents
question how the prince could move on so quickly, while others are
jumping at the chance to earn their spot as the new princess in the castle.

As the evening escalates, a killing occurs in the palace …
leaving you to write the final chapter.

Will you finger the fairy godmother whose magic cannot
give her the outcome she desires? The prince who has used his
riches to alienate others? A devious dwarf who may know
too much? Or perhaps a pouting princess who is plotting
to win the heart of Prince Charming.

In a kingdom where jealousy, betrayal and deception
are common story lines, it will be up to you to find the
felon so that everyone can live happily ever after.
Available in 8-12 guest, 10-15 guest, 15-20 guest and 20+ guest versions!
Clean and Original Versions available

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Guest totals:
With 20+ guests:
At least 6 Male, 8 Female, 1 Gender Neutral (roles that can be assumed by either a male or female guest).
With 15-20 guests: 6-7 Male, 8-9 Female, 1-4 Gender Neutral.
With 10-15 guests: 4-6 Male, 6-7 Female, 0-2 Gender Neutral.
With 8-12 guests: 3-5 Male, 5-6 Female, 0-1 Gender Neutral.
*** This guest list for 15-20 guest party. Smaller parties will not include all of these characters.

PRINCE CHARMING • Prince. The leader of the kingdom and heartthrob to many, this dashing young man will have numerous decisions to make all of which will affect the outcome of the night.

FELICITY • Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. Still doting over the disappearance of her goddaughter, Felicity continues to hope that Cinderella will reappear and everyone will live happily ever after.

GRISELDA • Cinderella’s Stepsister. After years of animosity, Griselda has earned Cinderella’s trust and her place in castle. Now that Cinderella is gone, will Griselda be next to disappear mysteriously?

RAPUNZEL • Princess. Desperate to get out of her tower, this trapped temptress may have  more than one offer on the table… the question is which one will she pick?

SNOW • Snow White. With hopes of moving out of the forest, this princess hopes to soon be known not as the daughter of a queen that is evil, but as the wife of prince that is charming.

HERB • Dwarf. Like a brother to Snow, Snow’s dependence on Herb is endearing to some
and annoying to others.

NOSY • Dwarf. Ambitious and inquisitive, this dwarf can’t keep their nose out of anyone’s business. Be hopeful you are not the murderer, because Nosy will be out to expose you!

ALADDIN • Prince. Royalty by marriage, Aladdin continues to use his power to grow his palace collection of possessions. At what point will his princess say enough is enough?

JASMOOR • Princess. Feeling left out by all of the excitement around the search for a new princess, Jasmine is left to herself and her palace.

JINN • Genie. Put in this world to grant Aladdin’s wishes, Jinn can’t solve Aladdin’s problems single-handedly, but they will try…

BELLE • Beast’s wife. Suspicious of her husband’s actions, Belle is not the only one who is questioning what Beast is doing in the woods.

BEAST • Belle’s husband. Once feared for his appearance, Beast has taken on a new identity as prince. While his physique may have changed, that doesn’t mean his temperament has.

HANSEL • Orphan. In love with a princess, the only way Hansel can gain her affection is to prove he will adequately provide for her.

GRETEL • Orphan. Left behind as a child, Gretel will not allow for her beau to do the same.

RED • Little Red Riding Hood. This is one girl who is certainly not distracted or lost. Red will use her will and wit to make sure she and her grandmother are taken care of.

GRAM • Red’s Grandmother. Aging and helpless, this grandmother once fought off a wolf with the help of the woodcutter - will history be able to repeat itself?

AXE • Woodcutter. Protector of Gram and Red, Axe refuses to seek his own happiness until he insures Gram and Red are provided for.

TEETH • Big, Bad Wolf. After earlier wishing to devour Red, now he hopes to marry her. Red has other plans for her future, but it is unclear what her beholders intend.

RUMPELSTILTZKIN • Imp. Known for trickery, scheming and deception, Rumpelstiltzkin’s tactics may be just what this kingdom needs to find out who really is behind Cinderella’s disappearance…

HAMLET • Little Pig. This seasoned realtor knows a thing or two about building and selling houses.

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Gender RolesMale & Female
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Choosing the right Party
Guests Gender Roles Price
8-12 3-5 male, 5-6 female, 0-1 neutral $45
10-15 4-6 male, 6-7 female, 0-2 neutral $50
15-20 6-7 male, 8-9 female 1-4, neutral $60
20-80 6+ male, 8+ female, 1+ neutral $80
Upgrade Add-on for 15-20 guest version $25
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