Murder of a Millionaire

A Will Reading For The Rich and Greedy


You may be an heir to the estate.

Your presence is requested at Mystery Manor for an evening filled with murder and mystery
in order to commemorate the death of the late millionaire, Rick A. Rochester.

Among Rick's dying wishes, he wanted his will reading to be a party thrown
in his honor to gather together those most important in his life.
From his eccentric ex-wife to his interfering in-laws, his spying servants to the
provocative pool boy, it seems that everyone has a shot at a piece of his estate.


As one of Rick's closest confidants or family members, it is your help that is needed
to piece together the mystifying death of Mr. Rochester
and to avoid being the victim of yet another murder as you attend his will reading.

Use caution in considering your involvement in this gathering,
for as likely as it is that you will walk away with a great deal of inheritance,
you are also just as likely not to walk out at all...


Guest totals:
With 20-80 guests: 6+ males, 8+ females, 6 gender neutral.
With 15-20 guests: 6 males, 7-8 females, 2-6 gender-neutral.
With 10-15 guests: 4-5 males, 5-6 females, 1-4 gender-neutral.
With 8-12 guests: 3 males, 4-5 females, 1-4 gender-neutral.
With 6-8 guests: 3 males, 3 females, 0-2 gender-neutral.
(Not all characters listed below will be included with smaller packets.)

The attendees at the party will be:
Jessica Rochester: Rick's ex-wife. A man-izing ex-wife and business partner of the late Rick Rochester. She has had her flings over the years, but can anyone ever really replace her first true love?

Jasmine Rochester: Rick's widow. Rick's current wife and mother of his three children. Has she outgrown the "perfect" marriage with the "perfect" husband?

Allison Rochester: Rick's eldest daughter. She was daddy's little girl, but as she got older, she didn't always do as daddy would have liked.

Katherine Nichol-Rochester: Rick's daughter. The oldest of the twins, she tried to gain daddy's attention and affection by marrying the perfect male heir.

Adam Nichol: Rick's son-in-law. Upon marriage, he was accepted into the family business and he has been moving up the ranks quickly ever since. Could he have wanted more from Rick Rochester than the marriage of his daughter?

Elizabeth Rochester: Rick's daughter. The youngest of Rick's twin daughters, she has been stirring up family trouble since birth.

Faith Rochester: Rick's sister. Faith has been living off of his wealth for years. Can she afford her lifestyle now that Rick is gone? Or will it only improve?

Michael Rochester: Faith's son and Rick's only nephew. He is expecting to inherent millions, is he as misguided as his mother?

Jean Thoughtful: Family psychologist. The secrets Jean knows are on the most personal and intimate level... feelings that some may kill for!

Geoffrey Worthers: Butler. As Rick's long term, devoted personal servant for over twenty years, there is little that he does not know about Rick, or his dying wishes.

Josephine Worthers: Maid. Her service over the years is something that she feels MUST be rewarded.

Neal Worthers: Chauffeur. Born and raised at Mystery Manor, his parents were the maid and butler for the Rochester family. Upon death, Neal isn't expecting much from Rick Rochester, for that is what he felt he got through all the years.

Sam Cook: Chef. Sam knows not only what is brewing in the kitchen, but also the rest of the manor.

Fabio Fabulous: Pool boy. A more recent employee acquired by Mrs. Rochester. Fabio was hired to keep the pool, amongst others, in tip-top shape.

Reilly Ravish: Rick's lawyer. Rick kept them busy with all of his legal issues, including revisions to his will, even on his dying day.

Jon Jacobs: Rick's closest friend. Who says that blood is thicker than water?

Officer Welsh: Detective. They have some hot leads on who the murderer may be... and they all lead to this gathering.

Tanya Tease: Rick's personal assistant. The question is, how personal was their relationship?

Bob Bucks: Rick's accountant. Bob managed all of Rick's personal and business accounts. Could how he handled the books over the years determine the wealth that is left?

Arty Buyer: Art Buyer.

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Choosing the right Party
Guests Gender Roles Price
6-8 3 male, 3 female, 0-2 neutral $40
8-12 3 male, 4-5 female, 1-4 neutral $45
10-15 4-5 male, 5-6 female, 1-4 neutral $50
15-20 6 male, 7-8 female, 2-6 neutral $60
20+ 6+ male, 8+ female, 6+ neutral $80
Upgrade Add-on for 15-20 guest version $25
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