Murder at The Juice Joint - LGBT version

A Wild Night of Murder and the Mob in the Gay 30's


A night of mystery and intrigue in the wild and romantic era of the gay 30's!


With the passing of prohibition and organized crime on the rise, The Juice Joint,
a swanky pansy club run by Robert Ramsey, has been nothing but jumping. To celebrate its
success, Robert is planning a party to remember at the exclusive nightspot…
and you are invited!


However, one of the names on the guest list is also on
another’s hit list… and no one is safe from the consequences.


With murder on the menu, you are certain to find a medley of individuals to
make the night most memorable. From major mobsters and their associates
to the swanky female impersonator with his hopes at Hollywood. The cigarette boy with a
temper that sizzles to the crooked police chief with nothing to lose—
no one is safe from murder…but everyone will have a chance at solving it.

Will the culprit be the Mayor who is capable of murder?
The blacklisted bootlegger desperate to increase their sales?
Or possibly the director with a shot at making history?

With the recipe for murder, The Juice Joint will be certain
to be serving up a night of mayhem to remember.




Guest Totals:
For 20-80
guests: at least 16 males and 4 gender neutral.
For 15-20 guests: 13-16 males, 2-4 gender neutral.
For 10-15 guests: 8-12 males, 2-3 gender neutral.
For 8-12 guests: 6-9 males,  2-3 gender neutral.

Robert Marie— Juice Joint Owner. As the partner to the late Louie Marie, the original Juice Joint owner, Robert not only inherited a gold mine but the power that comes with it. It is hard to say, is Robert out to avenge his late partner's death or capitalize on it?

Notorious Nick Nemetz— North Side Mob Boss. Since the rise of organized crime, Nick's operation has done nothing but prosper. With Nick having so much power, he seems to have a lot going for (and against) him.

Norbert Nemetz— Notorious Nick’s Brother. Annoyed by his brother’s over-protective nature, Norbery has kept more than secrets from Nick.

Mugsy Malone— North Side Henchman. As Nick’s right-hand man, Mugsy has worked hard to gain his position in the operation and will stop at nothing to keep it.

Cy Ramsey— Juice Joint Bouncer and North Side Gang Member. Cy’s success in Nick’s operation could be considered a threat to those in the operation….and to those opposing it.

Kyle Cocktail— Juice Joint Cocktail Waiter. As Cy’s main squeeze, Kyle will do anything to help advance his beau in his chosen career.

Southside Sal— South Side Mob Boss. It is no secret that Sal has been making a push to expand his territory. The real secret may be who is working with him

 George Gadora— Notorious Nick’s Partner. Caught cheating, Nick broke-up with George immediately. Left without anything, George’s romantic interest have shifted from one mob boss to another.

Hal Hollywood— Movie Director. Hal is in town to cast for his next project—the first talking picture. Since this project will be one that makes history, Hal is taking his time in casting his lead role, for Hal knows his decision will have a lasting impact.

Mickey Moll— Notorious Nick’s Beau. One of the most popular men in town, Mickey had no interest in Nick until he realized what Nick could do for Mickey's movie career.

Derrick Diva— Juice Joint Female Impersonator. Derrick’s voice and stage presence seem to be exactly what Hal is looking for. Derrick won’t let anyone come between him and his dreams of starring on the big screen.

Mayor Biggs— Mayor. As the head of the city, the Mayor’s power is what many seek. However, is it the Mayor who is really calling the shots or are the decisions coming from someone else?

Morton Bigelow— Mayor’s Campaign Manager. The mayor's partner in business and in love, Morton considers himself the brains behind the Mayor and Morton will not let the Mayor do anything that could ruin his political career.

Chief Cameron— Police Chief. As the city’s main law enforcement officer, Cameron has to enforce the Mayor’s decisions…but whose side is Cameron really on?

Billy Ciggy— Juice Joint Cigarette Boy. Responsible for ruining many lives, Billyy doesn’t stop at spreading rumors to get his way.

Bernie Booze— Bootlegger. Bernie had one of the most successful bootlegging businesses in town before Notorious Nick had them blacklisted. Will Bernie’s business end up dying for their mistake or will someone else?

Gino Gin— Bartender. As the eyes & ears of The Juice Joint, Gino may know more than they let on.

Fred Flirty— Juice Joint Patron. It is no secret that Fred desires a man with power and he will stop at nothing to get it.

Allen Marie— Louie's Son. Still mourning the loss of his father, Louie Marie, Allen is ready to seek revenge at whatever cost.

P.I. Pinkerton— Investigator. As the private detective on the scene, P.I.’s job will be to take charge and decipher the clues and reveal the truth.

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Choosing the right Party
Guests Gender Roles Price
8-12 6-9 male, 2-3 neutral $45
10-15 8-12 male, 2-3 neutral $50
15-20 13-16 male, 2-4 neutral $60
20+ at least 16 male and 4 neutral $80
Upgrade Add-on for the 15-20 guest version $25
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