Lights! Camera! MURDER!

A tantalizing night in Tinseltown filled with twists & terror.


A tantalizing night in Tinseltown filled with twists and terror.

After a night of accolades at the Academy Awards Show, you will attend
the A-list after-party hosted by millionaire Vanity Affair. While socializing and
schmoozing with Hollywood’s elite, careers will be made, secrets
will be revealed, scandals will be broken
and a homicide will happen.

With a V.I.P. victim and the celebrities all suspect, you will be
called upon to find the criminal by cracking this red carpet caper.


Will it be an aspiring actress, tired of living in the shadows?
A livid lover who has been pushed too far?Or possibly
the teen starlet trying to attract a more mature audience?

As the night unfolds, so will a web of lies and scandals
intricately woven to point you to a killer.
It is up to you to uncover
the clues or the culprit will remain concealed.

Come walk the blood red carpet for a night of secrets, celebrities & scandal.

Guest Totals:
For 20-80 guests:
At least 6 males, 9 females and 5 gender neutral.
For 15-20 guests: 6 males, 6-9 females and 3-5 gender neutral.
For 10-15 guests: 5-6 males, 4-7 females and 1-2 gender neutral.

Vanity Affair- Millionaire. While Vanity's wealth can't buy them starpower, it can fund the most elaborate post-Oscar bash around. As the center of attention for the party, they will not let anyone steal the show.

Dana Darling- Hollywood diva. As a matriarch on the Hollywood scene, her award filled career does not include an Academy Award, even after 15 nominations. Will this be the year she changes that?

Angel Wood- Actress. This talented actress will do anything to get what she wants--whether it is an award, a leading role in a movie or the affection of a handsome actor.

Steffi Wood- Aspiring actress. As the little sister to Angel, Steffi has lived in her shadow far too long and is certain that she will make a name for herself before the night is through!

Jada Broken- Actress. A top-notch actress who often gets second-rate treatment, Jada's engagement was disrupted by Angel Wood and now her acting career may be as well.

Barbie Doll- Pop star and aspiring actress. Barbie's looks and her agent have gotten this aspiring actress far in life, but can they take her any further in Hollywood?

Natasha Gibson- Teen star. A favorite with the teen crowds, this young adult plans is serious about pursuing more mature acting roles...that is if nothing comes in her way.

Lola Talent- Latin diva. Best known for singing career, Lola extended her celebrity career to include acting, perfumes and a clothing line. Now, with her husband aspiring to gain the same recognition, she is 100% behind him... or is she?

Mario Talent- Aspiring actor. As the husband of a diva, Mario has always done as he was told. Now that Mario is looking out for himself, his intentions may change.

Hobart Hughes- Director. Known as the brightest director of all time, everyone is desperate to be cast in his upcoming movie, A Fallen Angel. But his decisions may depend on a lot more than an actor's talent.

Bobby Calling- Casting director. Frustrated by Hobart's demands, Bobby is looking to cast the upcoming film A Fallen Angel as they see fit.

Penelope Hughes- Director's wife. It is no secret that Penelope loves her husband's money more than the man himself. After many years of marriage, Penelope has used her power in Hollywood to get exactly what she wants.

Princess Pop- Pop star. With Princess' career on the verge of destruction, she is looking to reconstruct it any way she can.

Brady Comeback- Pop star. With a reunion tour set to take place, this star is on the cusp of a comeback... or the last chapter of his career.

Hunter Starr- Pop star. Since the Man 2 Man hiatus, Hunter has experienced much solo success in both his personal and professional life.   While his band may want to relive the glory days, he is currently experiencing new heights on his own.

Avery Scout- Hollywood agent. The "yes" person of Hollywood, Avery is responsible for launching some careers and sinking others.

J.J. Scoop- Entertainment news reporter. With so much gossip swirling around the award show, J.J. may have the advantage of knowledge, but do they know too much?

M.C. Award- Award show emcee. As the emcee, M.C. has been privy to private, behind-the-scenes information at the awards shows...but do they know too much?

T. Redd- Aspiring rap artist. The ex-husband of Princess Pop, T. Redd knows how to use his connections to get what he wants out of life, regardless of his talents.

Ward Winner- President of the Academy. The man behind the awards, Ward can use his power to get what he wants and he intends to finish his final year as President with a bang!


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15-20 7 male, 6-8 female, 2-5 neutral $60
20-80 6+ male, 9+ female, 5+ neutral $80
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