Horror at Homecoming (non-murder)

The future is bright for all but one at Mayhem High


The future is bright for all but one at Mayhem High...

In the midst of a winning football season, school pride is running rampant at the high school.
Not only is competition fierce on the football field, but the students are battling it out for grades,
popularity, affection, class ranking as well as the coveted homecoming king and queen title.
With so much excitement surrounding the election, everyone is planning on
being in attendance at the dance to see who will be crowned royalty.

Will it be the class president who is looking to extend his reign
past the student council? The pom pon captain who has used her
moves to land more than a homecoming court nomination?
Or possibly the math team captain who is desperate
to win at something other than a math meet.

While competition breeds excellence,
it will also make one guest commit an act of vengeance…

At the dance, the sinister will shimmy among the sinless and try to go unnoticed.
With their futures on the line, it will be up to the students and staff of Mayhem High
to make sure the felon does not go free.

Join us for a night of dancing and debauchery at
a homecoming dance filled with deception.

Guest Totals:
For 20-80
guests: at least 4 males, 7 females and 4 gender neutral roles.
For 15-20 guests: 4-7 males, 7 females, 4-6 gender neutral.
For 10-15 guests: 3-5 males, 4-6 females, 3-4 gender neutral.
For 8-12 guests: 3-4 males, 4-5 females, 1-3 gender neutral.

Peter Prez—Senior Class President. For the past three years, Peter hasn’t wanted anything more than to be the homecoming king. He has lobbied hard for being elected “King” and won’t let anything stand in the way!

Sarah Social—Senior Class Vice-President. As the class VP, Sarah is responsible for planning the details of Homecoming, and making sure things go exactly according to plan!

Debbie Taunte—Senior Class Treasurer. This wealthy woman has a way with money and a way of using it to get whatever she wants!

Clerical Katie—Senior Class Secretary. Harboring more than the class records, Katie will stop at nothing to make sure the night turns out exactly as she planned!

Bobby Backer—Quarterback. As the leader of the Ravens football team, Bobby has made several enemies by using his influence to get what he wants!

Sally Spirit—Cheerleader. After Sally’s recent split with Bobby, it is hard to say if she wants him back or wants revenge.

Kevin Kicker—Kicker. With his grades falling and chances at college slim, many underestimate Kevin and his abilities.

Cindy Sensational—Class Sweetheart. Cindy has captured everyone’s heart, including her boyfriend, Kevin Kicker. With such a sweet demeanor, are Cindy’s actions genuine or just an act?

Gabby Backer—Class Gossip. As Bobby’s twin sister, Gabby is not only the source for a lot of gossip, but also responsible for spreading much of it.

Larry Lineman—Linebacker. Misunderstood and moody, Larry is one of the overlooked players on the football team—but he refuses to be ignored tonight!

J.J. Smart—Valedictorian. J.J. has been the head of the class since first grade. With acceptance to Harvard on the line, this individual will make sure it stays that way.

Dolly Dancer—Pom Pon Captain. As the cheerleader’s archrival, Dolly has danced her way into the heart of Bobby Backer and intends to stay there.

Ryan Rival—Quarterback for Opposing Team. As the cheerleader’s date, Ryan is attending for Sally’s support…but could he be using Sally as well?

Alan Algebra—Math Team Captain. As the greatest mathlete in Mayhem High history, Alan is upset that the math team is often overlooked. He has vowed to make sure it does not stay that way.

Principal Simpson—Principal of Mayhem High. As newly appointed principal, the principal wants to set and enforce high academic and social standards.

V.P. Patterson—Vice Principal. The second-in-command, V.P. has a lot to prove (and hide) if they plan to continue on in their leadership position.

Dr. Talk—School Counselor. In charge of advising and counseling the students, Dr. Talk may have more knowledge than they let on.

Teach Tanner—Math Teacher. As a popular teacher, Teach Tanner seems to be helping out the students a bit too much. Will their close affiliation with the student body come back to haunt them?

Coach Walters—Football Coach. With a chance to win a state football championship, Coach Walters is very motivated to make certain they meet all of their goals…at any costs!

Roy Rivers—Alumnus. Back in town for the big dance, Roy may have more planned for the evening than he is letting on.

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