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Till Death Do Us Part - Southern California

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Till Death Do Us Part - Southern California

Postby emilylyons1 » Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:15 pm

This was the first murder mystery party I'd hosted or even attended. I can honestly say that it met and exceeded all of my expectations!

I was a little unsure as to whether all of the guests would know what to do and whether the storyline/plot would flow smoothly, but once the guests started arriving and interacting with one another in character, it was amazing! The objectives given to each character to complete kept everyone interacting throughout the evening, and I loved it that various characters had motives for committing the murder.

I was so impressed at how well all of the characters performed. One of the guys was able to muster up some tears after the murder took place and gave an especially believable performance.

I think one of the funnier moments of the evening was when Brutus, Stanley, and Darlene Simpson were introducing themselves to one another at the beginning of the party and it suddenly occurred to them, "Hey, we're siblings!"

During the investigation, emotions ran high. There was definitely a lot of passionate dialogue and accusations abounded regarding the identity of the murderer.

Everyone had a fabulous time and responded enthusiastically the next time I chose to host a murder mystery party.

I would highly recommend "Night of Mystery" murder mystery packages to anyone!

Emily Lyons
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