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16th birthday party hit!

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16th birthday party hit!

Postby banblesemann » Thu Oct 11, 2007 3:35 pm

We did Murder in Sin City for my son's 16th birthday. After one party postponement and a few last minute character reassignments, we had a wonderful party. The kids came dressed for their parts and a few really got into character. The others were a little shy at first but got into the act quite quickly. We set our living room up with card tables and the kitchen had a chocolate fountain and other finger foods. We also used some of our old college formal glasses (probably their only appearance from the china hutch since I put them there) for their drinks and we made beverage tags out of poker chips with their character name on them.
My son was Ronald Trump and I didn't take a character. I also tried not to find out the murderer but found that with the kid's at the party it probably would have been easier to help them do their objectives if I had read all of them. We also handed out envelop B after the murder because I was afraid they'd misplace them if we handed them out at the beginning. I had planned for 4 adult friends to dress in black and white and be Casino employees but we wound up having to use all of them as characters at the last minute.
All in all the kids had a wonderful time (as did all the adults). This party was a huge success. It was very easy to put together because of the directions provided. I also appreciated the comments from others and thier ideas they used at their party that gave me ideas for our party. I am now hooked and have ideas for doing an all female one for my birthday. I also have talked to our high school Drama Club sponsor (who wound up being Agent Avery) about doing one as an activity for our club.
Thanks for a memorable and enjoyable evening of fun, entertainment, and mystery!
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