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April 2007 - **Murder of a Millionaire!

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April 2007 - **Murder of a Millionaire!

Postby balletstar84 » Mon Apr 07, 2008 7:19 pm

so I hosted a party back in April 2007 and it was AWESOME!!!!
everyone had a really awesome time playing the parts - and it certainly helps that we're all in the drama department.
the setup itself was really great. it was nice that everyone could take their time with their objectives, and the parts were so well interweaved! I didnt read the outcome, so the setup definitely rose above my expectations
nobody guessed the final outcome, it was kind of complicated! plus, no one was really paying attention, we were all hamming it up!
I recommend this party 100 times over. it was so fun to see all my friends dressed up for the occasion. I'm probably going to host the pirate party next!

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