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Postby carey_s » Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:32 pm

Everyone was skeptical of the first mystery I hosted as none of us had ever attended one. However, the first party was so much fun that it has become an annual event. I have now hosted three mysteries and everyone who has attended really looks forward to this party every year. It has continued to grow each year as well as people hear about the party. Murder at the Deadwood Salon was a lot of fun to get costumes and decorate for - a costume could be obtained fairly inexpensively with this mystery as well - cowboy hats and feather boas go a long way! My husband and I have a great time preparing for this party and everyone has a great time getting dressed up and playing a character other than themselves. Once most people loosen up enough to get into character, they always have a good time (even if they have to refer back to their objective sheet periodically!). Night of Mystery makes it so easy to download the mystery and everything is conveniently laid out and easy to host! I can't wait to host my next party!
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