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A Great Night At The Deadwood Saloon!!

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A Great Night At The Deadwood Saloon!!

Postby leticiateliz » Thu Nov 13, 2014 5:07 pm

Wow I think this was the best one yet! This was our 3rd mystery from Night of Mystery and once again everyone had a wonderful time! The mystery went smoothly, everyone dressed and acted their parts, and the decor and music added to the whole party! We transformed our house to look like the Town of Deadwood (or we tried to at least!)

I didn't do too much outside, we made a "Town of Deadwood" sign that hung outside our front door, had a couple of cubes of hay by our front door, a bull head, and a row of brown paper bags with battery operated tea lights in them (very inexpensive and it looked great!).

In our front hallway we put up some red brick scene setter, cut out some cowboy and horse silhouettes to put on the brick, and added some cling on bullet holes. Our friend brought us an old wagon wheel which we put just inside the door. Once inside we had a jail photo op that we created out of cardboard, grey brick scene setter, and some cardboard rolls (from wrapping paper) painted silver. We emptied our hallway closet and put the jail photo op just outside so people could go into the closet so it looked like they were in jail! I had a little table set up with everyone's envelopes and burlap money bags with a dollar sign on them and gold coins inside.

We used wood scene setters to cover the walls of our "General Store" (kitchen). We didn't do too much in the kitchen but I put lots of props in there, hung banners of bandanas across the top of our cupboards (cut them in half and sew/safety pin them together to create a banner). Put up an old wood mirror, some old wood candle holders, old wood clock, two toy horses on sticks I found at the thrift store, I made a "Wanted" photo op by taking an old wooden picture frame and gluing wooden letters to the top, I used plastic gingham tablecloths to cover our kitchen counters.

I wanted our dining room to feel like you were outside in the centre of town, so we used the desert scene setters and covered the ceiling with black pastic tablecloths, added some star stickers, and hung globe lights across the ceiling.

We had real saloon doors installed in the space between our dining room and living room. I then created "windows" on either side of the saloon doors with cardboard and molding for the window panes. I used lots of the wood-looking kitchen shelf liners to cover walls (this works great because it sticks to the wall but peels off nicely without damaging the paint!), we made a "Deadwood Saloon" sign to put over the saloon doors. Inside the saloon I covered the walls with the saloon wallpaper scene setters, two bull head skeletons on either side of the room, some old pictures on the walls, covered our bookcases with the dark wood kitchen liners, covered our chandelier with rope and burlap and put some battery operated candles up there. We put a bar in the centre of the saloon, made some labels for the "Deadwood Lager", put the Deadwood drink specials in a picture frame, some roasted peanuts in the shell in a tin bin, we had a poker table set up (of course!), put a round table with a lace tablecloth and an electric candle in the middle, lace curtains for all the windows, and we played some good old saloon music in the saloon which really helped set the mood!

All in all it was a GREAT night, everyone at the party commented on how great the place looked and how they felt like they were back in time!! I definitely recommend this mystery to others!
photo 3.JPG
Inside the Saloon
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photo 2.JPG
Billy the Bartender inside the Saloon
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photo 9.JPG
Deadwood Saloon Entrance
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