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Cruising for Murder (and Love?)

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Cruising for Murder (and Love?)

Postby onetwothreeokgo » Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:17 am

In the fall of 2012, I hosted the "Cruising for Murder" murder mystery with a small group of friends. This was a new experience for everyone attending (excluding myself who has coordinated one before) and I was very excited to bring this interactive event to my friends. The kits here are always super easy to understand and implement. The best part for me is making it my own! I thought I would include a few things I did to make the event super special:

1. Location: I did not release the location until a few weeks before the event and I chose a place that no one had ever been before (my friends had just moved into a new house!) so that it would add a true element of unknown.

2. Menu: I asked everyone to bring a dinner item with them, but communicate it to me beforehand so that I could make sure there was a balance of food items and then could release a "Captain's Menu" so that they could know what was served and be prepared to bring additional items, discuss food allergies/dietary restrictions, etc. My friends truly impressed me with the quality and amount of food they brought! (Because my only fear was honestly not having enough food or drinks for everyone) I've included pictures of all of our various food items, cleverly named (and some decorated) to match the theme.

3. Victim: I personally brought some extra costume ideas so that my "victim" could change into a new character, and I had that character's info sheet on hand for quick reference as well as their envelopes. I should mention that I did also give my victim the choice between coming back as a "ghost" or coming back as someone new, which allowed them the opportunity to choose how to continue to play on their own.

4. Entertainment: There were so many opportunities to have "boat entertainment" going on during dinner and festivities. On our friends' second floor, we had a "boat deck" with some games and activities, in the dinner ballroom we had music and dancing (I almost created a "lounge singer" for this event, but it did not work out in time!), and we had a "club" with karaoke. This gave people areas to slip away, have things to do while accomplishing their objectives, and make everyone feel more comfortable.

Everyone had a great time and stayed for karaoke and dancing late into the night! Two of friends met each other for the first time and found a love connection and are dating, 3 months now! And my friends are DEMANDING another one, so I will be doing "Murder High Reunion" in February with a much larger cast of characters and even more shenanigans.

FYI, I've also done "Murder of a Millionaire", so I've getting quite skilled at coordinating these. If anyone ever wants to bounce around creative ideas or steal any of my mine, just reply here and I'm happy to help! I'm an event planner by heart, so it's absolutely fun for me. :)

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