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A Night They Won't Soon Forget

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A Night They Won't Soon Forget

Postby thecritic46 » Sun Nov 13, 2016 11:49 am

What a fantastic night!!! To start off with, I couldn't be happier with how put together everything was! The "package" for the murder mystery was perfect! it does take some time to sort everything out into their appropriate envelopes and ensure that everything was in place and ready t o go, but the night went off without a hitch.

We started the night off with a pageant of sorts for the finalists of the Ambassadress competition. The ladies walked a runway, greeting and waving to their many admirers while music played in the background. It was a great way to set the tone for the night as we shifted into dinner and then the first sets of objectives were read. We had 45 people present, and the moment they were instructed to get up and communicate, the night took a step up. Everyone was in character and dove in head first. There were a number of stand out moments that had everyone laughing and cheering.

I incorporated a set of "gifts" that were delivered by the killer to reveal secret bits of history from other characters. I was even able to kill of 2 extra characters during this point which added some great shock value. The rest of the night was amazing intense as everyone started accusing each other of murder until the true killer was revealed. But then in one final twist I incorporated, I had the killer get killed by a mystery assailant. It was phenomenal. Blood galore!

The night was fantastic from beginning to end, and we are already planning our summer event! Thank you so much to all of those who made the night perfect!
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