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My niece wanted to do something different for her birthday.

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My niece wanted to do something different for her birthday.

Postby dgail70 » Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:36 pm

Hey there. It has been a while since our party but wanted to send you a few pictures from our night of fun. My niece turned 18 and we wanted to do something different for her birthday. She is graduating this year and will be a theater major next fall so we decided on the murder mystery dinner "Lights! Camera! Murder!"

We had the event at our home and the guests were all family members and their guest. I was a little worried that there would be too much outside organizational type of work to pull this off, especially since none of us live very close to each other. But everything was easily laid out for execution and was available electronically, which made correspondence to the guests really easy...and fast!

So, we started the afternoon my using sidewalk chalk and making "Hollywood Squares" with each of the names, feet, and hands surrounding their star.

We purchased a cheap strobe light and placed it just outside of the front door. We made all guests go outside and pop "poppers" over my niece's head as she was the first to enter the house. Then, with paparazzi flashes (from the strobe light), I took pictures of each of the guests as they arrived in the house. There was "bubbly" waiting for them in champagne glasses as well as an envelope with their name on it.

We opened the first envelope, then served dinner. Then, we opened the second envelope as we sang "happy birthday" to my niece. Then the lights went out. Time for phase two.

Anyway, we had a blast and we took lots of pictures and a video and then boxed up all of the decorations for my niece so that she could have them when she took off to college in case she needed any theater type props in her classes for projects. The box contained still photos, a video, and decorations all in a neat place and ready for storage.

Thanks for sending such organized instructions. It really was low maintenance and we had a BLAST! Here are some photos for you. Enjoy!

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