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Bachelorettes & Bullets Pary

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Bachelorettes & Bullets Pary

Postby Ms.PopularParties » Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:57 pm

I hosted a Bachelorette & Bullets party for my niece. We had a total of 18 guests. When the guests arrived, I had a "red carpet" set up and a shiny silver curtain they had to walk through. I was 'Betty Shutterbug' (the fashion photographer) but there was also a sleazy paparazzi (my brother-in-law) lurking behind one of the poles on the porch. I was there to catch the beauty shots, he was trying to get the "scandalous" shots to sell to the tabloids. Even though he was only there for a few minutes, he totally stole the show! He set the mood right at the start of the evening!
Everyone played their part so well, and had lots of fun doing was like a giant (funny) soap opera, and we laughed ALL night. We had fancy table settings for all of the 'supermodels and fashion designers', complete with a HUGE soup and salad bar. The whole night was a hit! No one guessed who the murderer was, so I gave the award to the "killer". Everyone loved their prizes and we had fun "goodie bags" for everyone to take home. After the party we played a "naughty" Mad Lib game and laughed even more! After 4 hours and a few blisters from wearing our heels all night, we finally went home. Everyone wants to know when I'm hosting another one?? :)
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