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A Knight of Betrayal, Love, and Murder....

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A Knight of Betrayal, Love, and Murder....

Postby Chelsea R. Leahy » Tue Jan 09, 2007 6:42 pm

Imagine walking past fiery torches, over steps crossing a water-filled moat, past a knight guarding entry to the castle and proceeding down into the dark dungeon for a night of mystery....

The Knight of Murder party was truly a night that will never be forgotten by those who attended. The wedding party extended to include 54 lords, ladies, peasants, vassals, and knights, all dressed their best, and one dressed to kill...

The dungeon held long dining tables over which flickered candle lights, knights of armor stood in corners to watch over the crowd, tapestries decorated the walls, medieval music played throughout the evening, and an ale house helped achieve the castle effect.

After the king's attendant tested his food for poison, the guests were served a meal of meat pasties, legs of chicken, garlic soup in bowls of bread, gizzards, and stuffed apples accompanied by mead, ale, and wine.

The plot flowed smoothly and the guests mingled and blackmailed their way to finding the true killer. Few were successful in guessing who the killer really was, but everyone had a blast playing their roles. Many people were knighted by the king and a lowly peasant became the richest person by blackmailing other guests.

The Queen won best dressed, the baron won best acting, a peasant won most money, and only three guessed the correct killer. The party has been the talk of our family and friends for awhile, and probably will continue to be so...until the next one!

Make sure to glance at the pictures; everyone was dressed in their medieval best.
Chelsea R. Leahy

Postby melbenz » Fri Mar 09, 2007 10:45 am

Hello there, your party certainly looks like it was fun!! I am planning on a Knight of Murder in the next few months. I had a great time hosting Murder at the Juice Joint in the past. I have a couple of questions for you. Overall, how expensive was it for you to host a show of 56 patrons? I have roughly 30 in mind. Second, how did you manage dinner? Did you serve everyone, have peasants serve, or was it a buffet type, help-yourself, catered? Where did you get the golden knight? What a great prop!! I am the type to go all out, so any feedback or ideas to help my party would be greatly appreciated!! You certainly paid great attention to detail, to which I can relate. Nice job!!! You make me look forward to my party.
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Yes...tell more!!

Postby JaLovers » Wed Mar 21, 2007 1:52 pm

Yes, tell us (or post pics) of how you did the mote, etc!! COOL idea!!
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