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Yo Ho Ho and a Trifle full of Rum

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Yo Ho Ho and a Trifle full of Rum

Postby CalicoMax » Sun Mar 06, 2016 2:30 am

Arrrrrrrr Me Mateys,

Be ye interested in me latest birthday jig???

A group of scallywags and salty wenches had a night of treachery and backstabbing at the Salty Sea Dog deep in English suburbia.

As well as a murder there was an unexpected turn when two loose women - Sharktooth and Betty - stabbed our very own gallows master and robbed him of all his booty. Poor fellow. Penniless he couldn't bribe all the mercenary folk he needed to wangle clues from. The only complaint I have is that these parties are so much dang fun they just whizz past too quickly, sigh - and there I am another year older and no wiser.

Anyhow - all the incriminating evidence has been passed to Ross, Mister Mystery himself, so with a fair following wind, it should appear.

Then you'll see the Sea Dogs and Saucy Mistresses who came to help dispose of the Groggy Hog, Rum laden trifle and - occasionally - their morals and each other. Amongst whom were...

Captain Redbeard - our official photographer and owner of best parrot!
Commodore Clearing - officially best dressed
Through shameless thieving - our Miss Money Bags award winner, Gurgling Uma
Drama Queen - and best batter of eyelashes anywhere - lovely Antonia Napier
Winners of the smoking cutlass - Cutthroat McPhearson and Governor Napier. [Salty Max failed again, dismally.]

One cardboard pirate just hanging around - parum pom pom - I'm here all week

And, a final word of advice never, NEVER forget to tip ye wenches!
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