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April 5th, 2011 | Posted by Randi

Customizing Characters for Large Parties!

Our large parties have always been a HIT!

Since inception, our larger parties have contained 20 suspect characters (that you see highlighted in the introduction files) and a number of other general characters that can be duplicated to fill the guest list. A little info about the extra characters:
  • These general characters have their own name tags, history and objectives to complete.
  • These characters will act as sleuths and help bring to the surface some of the hidden motives of the suspects in question.
  • With larger parties, we find that it is important to have these extra roles to make sure everyone is involved with the murder without complicating the storylines and making it too confusing for everyone.
  • These versions are also a great way to accommodate guests who are last-minute add-ons or guests who are unsure if they are going to be able to make the party at all.
In the past, the general characters are labeled something like "Saloon Girl A" or "Passenger B", and the guest will keep their birth name throughout the party and just act as "Saloon Girl A" or "Passenger B". HOWEVER, with the new versions of the mysteries, you are able to customize these general characters with character names that you provide for the guest. No longer will your guest be known as "Passenger B", but by the name you choose for them. We find this will cut down on the general characters feeling somewhat disconnected since they are not given a proper character name. Now, when your guest receives their invite, they will not be "Saloon Girl A". Instead, you can input a new name into the file, print (or email) it out, so the invitation they receive says they may be... "Lily Lightly" (or another name) and their description will inform them they are a saloon girl- along with other information about their history.  Do I need any special software in order to input new names into the files? NO. We have made the files very user friendly so that you can input your details in Adobe Reader and even save the file with a new name before emailing it out.
Hope this helps clear up any confusion on how to customize your general characters! Let us know if you have more questions!
Another jumpin' large party!