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Parties to Die For

Parties to Die For, A Night of Mystery Blog

January 28th, 2013 | Posted by Randi

Reasons to PARTY!!!

With all of the holiday buzz wearing off, and New Years resolutions waning, we thought we would spark your creativity with a few reasons to party this year.

I mean, who wants to throw the same old party?
Not only are the mystery themes intriguing, but throw them when for a “reason” no one else thought of. How about Murder Among the Mateys for “Talk Like A Pirate Day” (September 19th) or Murder in Margaritaland to celebrate the Summer Solstice (June 21st)? Want to throw a party you already have decorations for – how about Ho Ho Homicide for “Christmas in July”. Not only will the theme excite your guests, but you are taking your creativity to a whole other level!

Haven't convinced you yet? Here is a whole year's worth of reasons to celebrate!


Had enough of the winter blues?
Throw Murder in Margaritaland – an instant cure!

Miss America Pageant.  It is pageant season, so get excited with Killing For The Crown!

Golden Globes—Throw a Lights! Camera! MURDER! to celebrate the awards season with all of your friends!

Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) – February 12th. Choose a mystery where you have to dress up! Umm... I guess that would be any of them! For a twist, you could dub it "Party Gras!".

St. Valentines Day Masscre – February 14th. Instead of love, jump back ot the 20’s with Murder at The Juice Joint and celebrate this deadly mobster massacre!

Valentines Day – February 14th. Till Death Do Us Part would be a great love-themed mystery for this beloved holiday!

Academy Awards/Oscars – February 24th. Lights! Camera! MURDER! Since the award show is televised on a a Sunday, why not throw a party that Friday or Saturday before!!!

Tell A Fairy Tale Day – February 26th.  Instead of telling a tale, why not recreate one with Once Upon a Murder?

Leap Day – February 29th. This day only comes around once every 4 years – what more reason do you need to celebrate?

Ides of March– March 15th. Celebrate the Roman New Year with Terror In a Toga.


April Fools Day – April 1st. No fooling here – someone’s gonna “die”.

Throwing a pre or post prom party? Consider Horror at Homecoming for the event!


Cinco de Mayo – May 5th.  Murder in Margaritaland seems the obvious choice!

Throwing a pre or post prom party?
Consider Horror at Homecoming for the event!

Memorial Day – May 27th! Kick your summer off right with Murder in Margaritaland or Cruising For Murder!


Summer Solstice – June 21st. Celebrate the longest day of the year! We suggest Murder in Margaritaland or Murder Among the Mateys, but any will do!


Christmas in July– July 25th. Utilize all of your Christmas decorations when your guests are least expecting it with Ho Ho Homicide!

Plan a perfect summer murderMurder in Margaritaland or Cruising for Murder!


Friday the 13th – September 13th. Any party you choose will utilize the theme – MURDER!

Talk Like a Pirate Day—September 19th. The choice is obvious: Murder Among the Mateys. Don’t believe it is an actual holiday? Check here to find more information on it!

Sweetest Day—October 19th. Celebrate this holiday of love with Till Death Do Us Part.

Throwing a Homecoming pre or post party for your teens? Think about Horror at Homecoming to get them in the mood (and keep them out of trouble)!

Halloween—October 31st. Throw any of our mysteries for this hallowed holiday and give your guests a reason to dress up and CELEBRATE!


Day of the Dead – November 1st-2nd. Throw any of our mysteries for this hallowed holiday and give your guests a reason to dress up and CELEBRATE!

Plan your party in November and have your guests pick up their costumes post-Halloween on clearance!

Be the first to throw a holiday party before your friend’s holiday schedules fill up! Ho Ho Homicide

Friday the 13th – December 13th! Pick any mystery – it will (obviously) go with the theme!

Winter Solstice – December 21st (any reason to party). Celebrate the LONGEST night of the year!

Festivus – for the rest of us – December 23rd.
Perfect for bringing everyone together!

Jimmy Buffett’s Birthday—December 25th. Need we say? Murder in Margaritaland. {It may be hard to celebrate on the actual birthday, so consider celebrating earlier in the month or for New Years Eve!}

Christmas – December 25th. Ho Ho Homicide is the perfect magical, North Pole mystery!

New Years Eve Party – December 31st! Throw any of our mysteries for a fun alternative to the standard New Years Eve party and be the talk of the town through the holidays and into the New Year!


Someone’s 30th birthday this year? Consider Murder High Reunion (clean or original) it is a 30th reunion/80s theme. Perfect for that “child of the 80s”.

Getting engaged? Murder at The Juice Joint has been popular for announcing engagements. We can only “hint” why… but if you want to know the specifics before ordering, just email us!

A Bridal Shower in the planning? Till Death Do Us Part has been a very successful solution to having a mixed (men and women) bridal shower. It is fun, promotes mingling, and gets you in the mood for the nuptials to follow! {Some have even inquired about it for a wedding reception!}

Doldrums of winter?
Murder in Margaritaland doubles as the perfect party ot get you in the mood for summer…. Even if it happens to be the dead of WINTER!

Have a work party you want to spice up? Any of our mysteries will work great (although we may suggest a “clean” one, so you don’t get in trouble with HR).
  • Keep your guests from talking about work, or worse, work gossip
  • Promotes mingling between coworkers and spouses
  • Builds morale
  • Not just “another company party”

A Class Reunion. This may be a little obvious, but Murder High Reunion can have you reminiscing about your old memories by creating new ones at the same time!

A special teen birthday party or event. Our clean and teen selection has been wildly popular with youth and conservative groups. We suggest these themes to help keep our youth off the streets and into something fun and productive… or just to help your teen feel extra-special on their special day. Check them out here.

So, there you have it. More reasons than you ever thought of why YOU should plan your next party... one that will be like NO OTHER!!!