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Parties to Die For

Parties to Die For, A Night of Mystery Blog

January 26th, 2018 | Posted by

Win a FREE party!

Hey all you Night of Mystery host/hostesses with the mostesses! Who wants a FREE party?!?!

We LOVE to see all of your pictures, comments and find out how your parties went - with Night of Mystery, you can win a FREE party simply by telling us about your last one.

Just email us all of the info that you want us to share about your party: detail, descriptions, whatever you think is important and builds your story - why YOU should be picked Party of the Month!!!

Pictures are always a big hit (speaks 1,000 words, right?), so do not forget those in your email. In addition, it is always fun to hear about (and see) all of the food, decorations, etc. that you awesome hosts prepared. And all the antics of your wild and crazy friends - or just those who really surprised you. Like the 80-year old grandma-turned-tattoo-artist for the party and brought a bunch of temporary tattoos, and proceeded to tattoo everyone at the party - still one of my personal faves a customer told us!

Time and time again, we find that there is no end to the creativity of you and your guests... and that is what we love to see!

You only have to enter once, and we will keep your account in our files, so.... even if you are not picked the month you enter, you might be picked the next month, or 6 months later! You are in the running FOREVER! Because of this, you DO NOT need to resubmit each month.

Additionally, when you submit said AWESOME recount of your party and your AMAZING pictures, we will make sure to email you back with a $5 discount code. If your party is picked as a Party of the Month (submit once, and be in the running every month), you will BE HIGHLIGHTED ON OUR BLOG and win a $60 discount code for a FREE party!!!

So, start filling our email with your fun stories and crazy pictures and we'll start lining your pockets with discounts and FREE stuff!

Email us now!

Check out former winners! MANY are listed here in our old forum.

Or click on some of the pictures below to go to view winners' party recounts!



We can't wait to hear all about your  party!


*** By submitting pictures, you are allowing Night of Mystery to use images for promotional purposes and may be reposted on other media sources (including, but not limited to Night of Mystery Facebook page, blog, etc.).