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Parties to Die For

Parties to Die For, A Night of Mystery Blog

September 7th, 2011 | Posted by Randi

25 Year Reunion... FUN!!

  Every month, we highlight one mystery on our Party of the Month link on our murder mystery message board. This is September's winner!

"This was like, totally the most fun ever. Like, fer sure!
We had the Murder High Reunion party just last weekend and it was a huge success. The friends we invited all took their invites very seriously and came dressed in the perfect costume and played their parts so well...
The guy who played BA Barricade had many of my girl friends scared of him as he acted so punk and rude.
Molly Ringworm was over the top and had everyone's attention all night long in her shiny dress and over the top acting.
Nick Nixon arrived early so he could be the one to answer the door and welcome the guests.
He also took it upon himself to make up a bunch of buttons for his campaign and passed them out.
He spoke of his election all night and sort of took over running the party for me which was such a wonderful surprise. As you will see by some of the photos I submitted, I created, everyone dressed their part so well and I could spend hours describing each of them but won't.
 The actual murder mystery part of the evening started right away as everyone came in character from the minute they stepped in the door. Everyone mingled around and met their objectives...many started improvising and had some crazy rumors going. It was a great time. No one did solve the murder, but I am not sure that was due to the fact we had a lot of false story lines created through out the night or because we were all having so much fun we weren't really paying attention to clues. As for decorations, I created a photo wall with pictures from my husbands actual 1985 hs yearbook. I found images of people I thought looked the part and scanned them, enlarged them, and then added personal tag lines about who it was and what they were up to in the photo. Everyone got a kick out of this and loved seeing what they looked like 25 years ago...
I also created a big string of balloons that was supposed to be a balloon arch for a photo spot, but it wouldn't stay up, so we mounted it to the ceiling in the main room and it looked just as well up there. I rented 4 cocktail tables from the party rental shop and moved out the furniture to make it more "club like". I used the colors of black, hot pink, neon green and neon blue in decorations, cups, plates, gift/prize bags, etc. We brought our old record player up out of storage and played awesome 80's records all night long. After the murder mystery part was done, I awarded prizes of classic 80's movies on VHS. Then we all got together and played a few rounds of the classic Quarter's game. Received phone calls the entire next day of asking when we will have another - everyone had a great time.
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