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Parties to Die For

Parties to Die For, A Night of Mystery Blog

September 10th, 2014 | Posted by Randi

A TOTALLY RAD New Mystery - Check It Out!

Set at an 80s Senior Prom, these students will do anything to get ahead – whether that is in the race for Prom King and Queen or in life. With all of that competition SOMETHING is bound to go wrong. And. It. Does!

After one victim falls for the night, it will be left up to the totally tubular teens and far out faculty to figure out who is to blame!

This mystery is perfect for anyone wanting to relive the 80s, their prom and/or just have a mystery-filled, bodacious, rocking time!

In addition to the mystery, this party comes with some totally rad 80s decoration designs and party ideas --

As well as a party planning website for ideas specific to this mystery!



Want more incentive to throw this party?

We are looking for feedback on this tubular new party. We will award a FREE party to the first ten hosts who throw the party and then post comments and pictures on our murder mystery message board. It's that simple!

So, who's ready to throw the Awesomest-To-The-Max, 80s Mystery party this fall?