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Parties to Die For

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September 14th, 2011 | Posted by Randi

Circus Food Comment Contest Winner

Thank you to "Castronomer" who posted these food ideas on our Circus Food Blog!
Lemonade with basil, fried pickles and ranch, carmel apples with toppings - just a few of the ideas!
I am very excited for the circus theme!

Food ideas: Have a gourmet mustard bar along with the bratwursts and polish sausages. Fried foods such as elephant ears, french fries, homemade potato chips, fried zucchini, and my personal favorite, fried dill pickle spears served with ranch. Caramel apples with toppings like nuts, crushed oreos, dipping chocolate, sprinkles and mini m&ms. Food on sticks like corn on the cob, corn dogs, beef skewers. On the sweet side would be lollipops, ice cream treats and the currently popular cake pops in bright colors. Popcorn can be sprinkled with hot sauce, brewer's yeast, lemon pepper, garlic salt, grated cheese or taco seasoning. Fisher scones with raspberry jam. If it's someones birthday, you can make a tiered cake-like structure out of cake donuts frosted in pink frosting with lots of colorful sprinkles. A table full of candy in jars for guests to take home. You can also hand out boxes of Barnum's animal crackers that have a cute circus picture on the front. Drink ideas: Lemonade garnished with fresh raspberries and/or mint leaves. Other drinks can be served out of vintage bottles with labels that say, "elixers" and "tonics." This would be cool if the drinks were dyed vibrant colors like blue or green. Use Blue Curacao liquor. Guests can drink out of canning jars with red and white candy-striped straws. Serve bottled drinks like pop out of an old galvanized tub or bucket or an old bath tub filled with ice. Serve food out of rectangular paper boats, or paper bags, or paper cones.
Decorations ideas: Decorate with strings of lights and colorful lanterns. Use bright colors, stripes, and polka dots for table clothes and decorating. Put pin wheels in flower vases. Hang flag banners. You might even hang up a clothes line and hang some vintage garments like bloomers and pants with suspenders and colorful socks. Balloon animals. Sign on the bathroom that says "Elephant Bath." Any vintage furniture like trunks and chairs would be neat. You can use an old dresser with its drawers pulled out to fill up with peanuts or other snack items. You can have a cardboard head cut out with a lion and a lion tamer for people to take pictures. You can have a gypsy walking around to read peoples' palms and tell their fortunes. Have fake, curly mustaches, clown noses, and wind-up toys strewn about for people to play with or take home. Put up posters of old circus advertisements. For music, play old french accordion music.
Castronomer, we need you to "follow" the blog, so that we can contact you for your free party! Thanks for the great ideas and excitement!!! We look forward to hearing and seeing how your party goes! For more ideas on food for Murder Under the Big Top!